Smush Record Smashed: 1+ Billion Images Compressed

Our Smush servers have smashed a significant milestone, compressing 1 billion images since we re-launched our image optimization plugins WP Smush and WP Smush Pro back in April.

There were a lot of “woots!” and virtual high fives on Slack when we joined the three comma club yesterday.

Our dedicated servers have been built to scale.
Our dedicated servers have been built to scale.

After Yahoo suddenly shut down its API earlier in the year with no warning, leaving users in the lurch, our developers quickly got to work redesigning WP Smush from the ground up.

We built a new API and a brand new cloud config for bigger and better smushing.


Just check out the live stats:

  • 1,028,646,113

    images smushed since we re-launched WP Smush

  • We’ve saved users a total of

    . That’s


    image bytes Google is no longer penalizing websites for

  • We smush images for

    different WordPress sites each day

  • At peak times, we often handle smushing 200+ images per second with no major slowdowns
  • 8.85

    average lossless compression overall (WP Smush Pro average is even higher due to multi-method optimization)

  • On average, Super-Smush (lossy compression) has a real-world compression rate of

    (but we often see it beat lossless by 2-10x as a lot of images coming through from members have been previously compressed). For example Super-Smush savings for all PNG files yesterday was 33%.

Aaron Edwards, our CTO, said from day one the focus was on building the API to scale well, ensuring users could count on the service to always work.

“One of the biggest complaints of the old Smush.It plugin was that it kept timing out and failing users because it wasn’t properly resourced or maintained by Yahoo,” Aaron said.

“We made the most of the opportunity to build a bigger and better product that’s reliable and handles the loads swimmingly.”



Most Popular Free Image Compression Plugin for WordPress

Unlike the competitors, our free plugin requires no API registration, and has no MB-per-month limits. You simply install and activate and it’s working, quietly and quickly optimizing all your image uploads.

A quick browse through the latest WP Smush reviews over at – where it has an average rating of 4.6 stars – just goes to show how much users love the plugin.

There are loads of five stars reviews for WP Smush at
There are loads of five stars reviews for WP Smush at


WP Smush Pro: For Serious Smushers

It’s little wonder we’re smashing records when WP Smush is enjoyed by users on more than 300,000 active WordPress installs.

While WP Smush lets users smush images up to 1MB, WP Smush Pro offers advanced features that take smushing to a whole new level.

Super Smush your images
Super Smush your images

Super Smush for double the Compression

With our intelligent multi-pass lossy compression, you can get 2-10x more compression than lossless with almost no noticeable quality loss.

WP Smush Pro uses advanced compression techniques to trim unnecessary data that the human eye won’t miss, making images as small as possible.

If lossy is’nt your thing, WP Smush Pro will work extra hard to squeeze extra bytes out of your images by trying multiple lossless techniques.

Smush big images with ease – our servers can handle it.
Smush big images with ease – our servers can handle it.

Smush up to 32MB

WP Smush offers smushing up to 1MB, but with our premium plugin you can compress images up to 32MB, and enable smushing of your very large-dimension original image sizes.

Smaller images produce faster load times, and in turn better rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Backups your image for easy restoration.
Backups your image for easy restoration.

Backup All Smushed Images

You can backup every image you smush and restore unsmushed files at a later date. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

View compression results for individual images and see exactly how much you’ve saved, both in size and percentage.

One-click bulk smushing.
One-click bulk smushing.

Bulk Smush in One Click

Do you have more than 50 images in your media library? No worries, WP Smush Pro can smush the lot in one click.

You can even set automated “smushing” so your images are automatically compressed when they are uploaded to your website.

Benchmarked and Tested

WP Smush Pro is the clear winner when compared to its two biggest premium rivals, Kraken, and EWWW.

We tested WP Smush Pro, Kraken, and EWWW using Theme Unit Test Data available from, and high-resolution images. Our comparison tests found that not only is WP Smush Pro faster and more reliable at compressing images, it will also save you more space with no visible loss of quality.

Download WP Smush – For Free!

Join hundreds of thousands of users who use WP Smush and WP Smush Pro to compress images on their WordPress sites.

Head to and download WP Smush.

You can download WP Smush Pro directly from our site, or better yet if you’re a member you can use the WPMU DEV Dashboard to install the plugin from the backend of your site.

Do you smush? If you’ve used WP Smush or WP Smush Pro, we’d love to read your feedback in the comments below.


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