With WP Engine, Jobvite Has Peace Of Mind (Case Study)

Jobvite, the leading SaaS-based recruiting platform, was burning up internal company resources to support and maintain its own corporate website. At the same time, the site’s performance wasn’t getting the job done—page loads were sometimes slow and the site would struggle when traffic would spike.


“There is no greater nightmare scenario than having the marketing website go down during a nationally televised appearance by our CEO,” said Jobvite Senior Director Theodore Kim.

Jobvite moved to WP Engine’s managed WordPress hosting platform. Jobvite now relies on the WordPress experts at WP Engine for technical support while enjoying improved site performance and proactive security.

“Now with WP Engine, I no longer worry,” Kim said.

To read more about why Jobvite trusts WP Engine with its mission critical sites, read the full case study.

Want to read more stories from WP Engine customers? Each weekday in November we’ll unveil a new customer story as part of our WP Engine Customer Spotlight series.

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