Special Report: How Brands Become Social Media Masters

Which brands have mastered social media and which are lagging behind? We used Forbes’ ranking of the most influential American brands and then looked at each of their followings on seven social media networks. We also measured how many times the brands have had their content shared and liked on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


The way in which consumers engage with brands is changing. Companies are becoming part of the dialogue instead of controlling the conversation. This has become apparent with just how much digital content brands are creating, making them publishers in their own right. From blog posts and quizzes to emotional videos and photos, brands are learning to speak more like their customers.

In this special report, you’ll learn which brands:

  • Have the largest audiences and engagement
  • Perform the best relative to their advertising budget
  • Win each social media network

Are you a brand looking to break into publishing or are you planning your company’s social media strategy? Check out our special report and see which brands are the most social.

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