Managed WordPress Hosting: 4 Amazing Business Outcomes

Website Muscle, a web development and online marketing firm, recently partnered with WP Engine to power and manage their WordPress site. The agency has found WP Engine’s managed WordPress hosting services to be an integral part of its success in keeping the business running, maintaining marketability and lead generation with its websites, and ultimately, keeping its clients happy.


When your business relies upon optimizing and maintaining your clients’ sites, as Website Muscle’s does, a managed WordPress host is crucial in completing the technical elements that cannot be addressed through basic web development.


Let’s take a look at some of the positive results and business outcomes Website Muscle has achieved since making the switch to WP Engine’s managed WordPress hosting platform, as explained by Website Muscle CEO Sam Nelson.


      Increased site speed leads to fewer support inquiries.


      “Since our switch to WP Engine, our home page load time has gone from 8.94 seconds to 2.59 seconds. Greater site speed has resulted in fewer client calls regarding site performance. We went from several calls about the topic each week to zero calls.”


      Reliable WordPress hosting drives up business value and revenue. 


      “WP Engine has provided a more reliable hosting service than our previous solutions, which we’ve been able to present to our clients as an increased value. Because of this, we have been able to increase and expand our hosting offerings and increase revenue.”


      Improved security saves time from fixing hacked sites, making clients happy. 


      “Improved security has saved us hundreds of hours of time fixing hacked sites, which is significant because it is difficult for us to invoice clients for these activities. They would assume we had tools in place to proactively prevent the issue. Unfortunately, we’ve found this sort of technology to be impossible to maintain without a technology partner like WP Engine. Now, we are confident that WP Engine’s tools are providing best-in-class security – a value we pass along to our clients.”


      Responsive hosting advances development workflow and improves site performance. 


      “Better responsiveness allows us to stay focused on solving the problem at hand, because the WP Engine team always answers our questions quickly so that we do not have to shift focus on different problems while we wait. In addition, our website performance and ease of maintenance have dramatically improved, which is also true for every single one of our clients.”

Website-Muscle-Team-WP-Engine, Managed WordPress Hosting: 4 Amazing Business Outcomes

The Website Muscle team sporting WP Engine shirts


Are you to ready to reap the benefits of managed WordPress hosting? Learn more about it in this free e-book, The 4 S’s of Managed WordPress Hosting, and be sure to check out which of our plans is right for your business.


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