How To Scale Your WooCommerce Store (Webinar Recording)

EDITOR’S NOTE 04/14/16: Did you miss the live broadcast of this webinar? Don’t fret. A full video replay is available here. Happy viewing.


To maximize sales, growing your ecommerce store’s traffic is crucial. But to increase traffic, your WooCommerce store needs to be able to scale. In this upcoming webinar, learn all about scalability and the dos and don’ts of scaling your ecommerce store for success. Sign up here:




This webinar will teach you several ecommerce scaling best practices you might have not heard of before, including:

    • Myths associated with scaling WooCommerce
    • Disastrous ecommerce mistakes to avoid
    • How to choose the right developer
    • How to pick the best hosting platform

Join us Wednesday, April 13 at 11 a.m. CDT as presenters Chris Lema of Crowd Favorite and Jason Jaynes of WP Engine debunk some of the myths associated with scaling WooCommerce. Register now.


To prepare for the webinar, check out our new ebook, An Executive’s Guide To Scaling WooCommerce, by Chris Lema.


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