WP Engine Has Big Plans For SXSW 2017

It’s a bit early to start discussing SXSW 2017, isn’t it? Hardly! They say there’s no rest for the wicked, yet neither is there for the world-renowned festival for music, film education and (oh yeah) tech.

This year, WP Engine has submitted to participate in not one, but five panels, which you can vote for in SXSW’s Panel Picker. Each panel features our best and brightest in tech.

Founder and CTO Jason Cohen has advice for entrepreneurs looking for investors. WP Engine CEO Heather Brunner wonders when web tech will catch up with ad tech. CMO Mary Ellen Dugan and Director of Agency Partnerships Ryan Ashby want to help you reinvent your agency pitch! And last, but not least, Crystal Hansen has some great ideas around building diverse product teams!

Check out each panel in greater detail using the links below-but make sure you have a Panel Picker account. You’ll need one to follow these links and to cast your votes!

WP Engine’s SXSW 2017 Panel Picker Lineup:

Ask Before You Need: Startups, Investing & You

In this talk, serial entrepreneur, WP Engine Founder and CTO Jason Cohen, along with other entrepreneurs and venture capitalists will share startup secrets to make attracting investors (and knowing when to go after them) simple.

Building Creative, Diligent, Diverse Product Teams

Research shows that “being around people who are different from us makes us more creative, more diligent and harder working” (Scientific American, Oct 2014) – essential traits for any high performing Product Team. You’ll leave this session ready to take action to recruit and hire more teammates to better represent gender equality in the workspace

Reinventing The Agency Pitch: Close More Work Less

This panel moderated by Ryan Ashby, Director of Agency Partnerships at WP Engine; Mary Ellen Dugan, CMO at WP Engine; Edelman EVP B2B Digital Joseph Kingsbury; and HUGE Inc. Group VP of Technology, Thomas Prommer, shares creative digital strategies/techniques used to convert more business while using fewer resources and time.

When Will Web Tech Catch Up To Ad Tech?

Despite all the technological efforts towards developing personalized ad strategies online, web technologies have yet to deliver on the targeted content consumers want. In this talk, WP Engine CEO Heather Brunner divulges how marketers and the tech community can help web tech catch up to consumers wants.

Winning Small Biz Strategies For The Digital Age

In this post-mobile era, learn the secrets from serial entrepreneur Jason Cohen on how every business, even small ones, can win online today.

Cast your vote now!

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