15 Useful Resources We Published In 2016

2016 was a great year for WordPress. The CMS reached powering 27 percent of the internet, there were 115 WordCamps, and WordPress 4.7 was released, among many other accomplishments.

At WP Engine, we published many resources on what we do best: help you be successful with WordPress. Among the many resources published, we narrowed it down to our top picks.

Read on for 15 valuable assets that can help assist you in taking WordPress to its full potential:

1. The Beginner’s Guide To WordPress Multisite

In its simplest form, WordPress Multisite is a technology that allows you to set up several WordPress websites from one installation. In this ebook, explore how to get started with WordPress multisite, along with some useful tips to help you manage everything in a single location.

2. Best Friend Or Worst Enemy? The Dos And Don’ts Of WordPress Multisite

In this insider’s guide, discover the dos and don’ts of WordPress multisite. This white paper alleviates the confusion of running a multisite network and teaches you about what multisite is, what it is not, and much more.

3. 5 Reasons To Develop Your Web Empire On WordPress

WordPress isn’t just for bloggers. If developing stunning, flexible, and easy-to-use websites is your top priority, check out this white paper to understand why WordPress is the best platform on which to build compelling and dynamic websites.

4. The Ultimate Pre-Launch Guide For WordPress Sites

When building a WordPress site, it’s a good idea to have a road map of everything that needs to be done before a website sees the light of day. That’s exactly what you’ll get with this pre-launch checklist for WordPress websites: a step-by-step template that makes sure you don’t forget any crucial steps on the journey to launch. So start checking off those items today!

5. Every Second Counts: How Page Performance And Speed Affect Your Business, And Your Bottom Line

We’ve all been there – that moment of frustration when you wait…and wait…and wait for a page to fully load. In this ebook learn about the importance of a speedy site and get actionable tips for testing and improving page speed on your site.

6. 21 Questions All Agencies Should Ask Their Ecommerce Customers

We had tons of great guest writers share their WordPress expertise this year. Here is a free ebook written by Mitchell Callahan, co-founder and CEO of Saucal, an agency specializing in WooCommerce development. Callahan provides readers 21 questions all digital agencies must ask their ecommerce clients, and why those questions are important.

7. 11 Ecommerce Tips To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

A common burden of ecommerce store operators, shopping cart abandonment occurs at the startling average of more than 68 percent of all shopping instances. Yikes! In this white paper read about 11 preventative measures you can take to ensure a better shopping experience and ultimately increase sales.

8. WordPress Vs Drupal – Infographic, White Paper, How to Migrate

WordPress and Drupal are in constant battle in the CMS warzone. Here are three great resources comparing the two, including how to migrate your site from Drupal to WordPress, a visual comparison between the two, and a white paper highlighting the key differences.

9. Spring Cleaning Tips For WordPress Site Optimization

The key to a fast website is keeping it void of unnecessary plugins and low-value content. Spring is a great season to get rid of all the extra stuff you needed during the holiday season. Here are some tips on what to keep and what to toss.

10. WordPress vs Joomla – Infographic and White Paper

Here is a great resource to compare WordPress and Joomla down to the widgets. If the infographic isn’t enough, a white paper accompanies the infographic to help you better understand the differences between WordPress and Joomla.

11. 7 Reasons Agencies Win With WordPress

This white paper, written by Ahmad Awais, WordPress Developer and Core Contributor, explores the 7 reasons WordPress is a great CMS for agencies of all sizes!

12. Fueling Business Results With The WordPress REST API

The WP REST API will change WordPress forever. As brands are now using it to propel their business, this white paper takes an inside look at some of the most creative implementations of the REST API so far.

13. How To Optimize Your Images For Better SEO

A picture is not only worth a thousand words, but can be worth thousands of pageviews as well. In this white paper read about some of the best tactics for your visual content to help achieve higher rankings for your site, and start maximizing your search engine traffic today!

14. 7 Threats Digital Agencies Face (and How WordPress Can Help)

In this white paper, read about the main dangers looming on the horizon for agencies, and consider how WordPress can play a key role in what’s becoming an increasingly challenging environment in which to thrive.

15. The Art of Upselling: 8 Agency Upsell Hacks to Increase Profitability and Deliver More Value

Landing a client is a massive hurdle in itself. But as an agency, how do you get recurring work and more than just the first project? Here are several hacks your agency can use to upsell your clients to establish deeper value with your customers, increase profitability, and build a stickier relationship. Happy (up)selling!

Thanks for reading! What WordPress features would you like to learn more about? Leave us a comment below.

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